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Andrews Motor Repair Inc, 21 jordan cres, Charlottetown, PE, (902) 892-8703 (show details)
Brown's Appliance Repair, 1352 route 19, Cornwall, PE, (902) 675-2704 (show details)
Brown's Appliance Repair, New dominion, Cornwall, PE, (902) 675-2700 (show details)
County Appliance Repair, Rr 2, Alberton, PE, (902) 853-3799 (show details)
Harry J James Repair Svc, 385 riverside dr, Charlottetown, PE, (902) 892-6231 (show details)
Island Home Appliance Repairs, Rr 3, Cornwall, PE, (902) 675-3172 (show details)
Joe's Appliances, 180 dalton ave, Tignish, PE, (902) 882-2010 (show details)
Leigh Campbell Appliance Svc, 129 glen dr, Summerside, PE, (902) 436-4290 (show details)
Ramsay's Appliance Repair, 1571 union rd, Alberton, PE, (902) 853-2017 (show details)
Ramsay's Appliance Repair, Rr 2 box 1571, Alberton, PE, (902) 853-2017 (show details)
Reeves Water Treatment, 2 longworth ave, Charlottetown, PE, (902) 892-0149 (show details)
Stringer Appliance & Repair, 389 argyle st, Summerside, PE, (902) 436-9582 (show details)
Thompson Appliance Svc, 411 melpeque rd, Kensington, PE, (902) 836-3858 (show details)
Thompson Appliance Svc., 411 malpeque rd, Kensington, PE, (902) 836-3855 (show details)
Waite's Appliance Svc, Wilmot valley st, Summerside, PE, (902) 436-9363 (show details)
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